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Our Meaning and Our Purpose:

Entriepta began in 2021 to bring quality, pure supplements to health conscience individuals who believe in the connection between mind, body and soul, the three components of health. Addressing these three can help achieve optimal health because each component affects the other two.

Entriepta seeks to help you in your journey to complete health by helping to give you the energy, nutrition and support you need by our high quality, purity tested supplements made with organic ingredients to help you focus the mind and develop the body. A clean body leads to a clear mind and ultimately a greater connection to Creator, the environment and to others around us. This nourishes the soul.

Entriepta corresponds to the numbers 1, 3, 7 in greek (Ein, Treis, epta) modified to spell Entriepta.

The number 1 represents unity (oneness) and Source (God) and our one life to live on this planet. The number 3 represents completeness or wholeness such as the Trinity (3 in 1).

There’s also 3 components to health (body, mind, soul) and we are complete when we cultivate all three. 7 represents perfection and resting in Him such as God blessing the 7th day at the end of creation. His work being perfect and complete,
He rested. We should strive to live the one life we have to its perfect and complete fullness.

Being one person, developing all three components of our well-being (body, mind, soul) and staying connected to God and serving others. This is living our one life, perfectly complete.

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