Repairing Glutamine

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Glutamine powder is a natural way to help increase muscle strength and generate overall strength while exercising. This supplement can help the body recover after intense exercise, this essential amino acid glutamine levels drop preventing muscle gain taking many days to recover, during this time the muscle may lose strength and mass.*

Benefits: Glutamine is the most abundant and versatile of all the amino acids in the body. It is naturally occurring and is great in helping to heal leaky gut (intestinal permeability), ulcers and reduces intestinal inflammation. Glutamine’s ability to support gut health means better nutrient absorption and reduced toxicity due to foreign or undigested material penetrating your gut lining. The fact that glutamine has been shown to have a profound effect on gut health makes it a valuable tool in repair, recovery and athletic performance as well as overall health. Better digestion and nutrient absorption means more nutrients available for all functions of the body including recovery from exercise and nutrients to fuel exercise. Good for brain health and helps relieve anxiety and depression. Helps reduce risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Since glutamine is one of the three amino acids (glutamine, glycine and cysteine) that make up glutathione—your body’s master antioxidant —glutamine also helps the body to produce glutathione and helps protect you from free-radical damage, otherwise known as oxidative stress.*

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Serving Size: 5 grams;
Servings Per Container: 100;
Bottle Color: Black;
Bottle Size: 500 grams;
Lid Color: Black


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1 review for Repairing Glutamine

  1. Darryl. C

    Good stuff! It is economically priced. It is a fine, white powder that is without any particular flavor or taste, and mixes in well with all of my drinks. . I’ve been supplementing glutamine off and on for a few months now and I’ve been hitting the irons and attending the gym religiously. I added this supplement as I had heard of presumed benefits to gut health. I’ve never felt more healthy and ready to attack the day. My recovery in the gym seems nearly instantaneous with this supplement, coupled with a smart diet and plenty of sleep. It is worthy of note that the common benefits of glutamine supplementation are evident for those less-active individuals.

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